I enjoy learning about new things but unfortunately my brain is not particularly good at remembering all those interesting pieces of information that I stumble upon. Or perhaps I remember everything but I simply cannot recall it? Whatever the reason, I am desperate for an external brain that will allow me to store and retrieve information in a flexible way.

I like the idea of using a regular paper notebook. There is something romantic and intellectual about it. The smell and touch of paper, the weight of pen in my hand, blue ink giving a physical form to my thoughts… The only thing is missing is… flexibility.

My notes stored in a notepad feel linear and if I try to be less linear, they change into a chaotic mix of random pieces of information. In other words, it is not very useful and very hard to work with.

And that’s where this blogs comes in. I figure that perhaps a digital format with search functions, hyperlinks etc. can help me get a bit better at organizing and accessing information in my external brain. Perhaps it can also be useful to you and inspire you to reach for books, videos or articles I read.

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