Diet And ADHD

There is no evidence that dietary changes can cure ADHD but some changes may play a modulatory role. This means that by changing diet, an ADHD person may experience less severe symptoms and perhaps need less medication.

Since there is no one size fit all diet that would work for every ADHD person, everyone needs to identify their own food sensitivities. An oligoantigenic diet could be used for that. Apart from that it might be beneficial to:

  • avoid simple sugars
  • incorporate Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet
    • 1000mg – 2000mg/day of EPA can help with mood improvements
    • over 300mg/day of DHA can improve attention
  • supplement phosphatidylserine
    • 200mg/day may help reduce symptoms of inattention; for a greater effect use it together with Omega-3 fatty acids

Use of ginkgo biloba has shown minor improvements but can cause headaches (and the dosage is quite high, around 2ml).



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