Hyper-focus And Dopamine

Many believe that ADHD means, among other things, inability to focus. But the truth is that any brain may struggle to focus. Some people can focus on any task but others need to fight with themselves or even force themselves to do anything.

An ADHD brain can focus, even hyper-focus, on things it really enjoys or is intrigued by and it can do it without any effort. This demonstrates that ADHD people have a capacity to focus but they have problems engaging their attention to do things they really don’t want to do.

This brings us back to the role of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine not only regulates activity of the default mode network and task related networks, but it is also part of brain’s reward system.

When the brain is exposed to a rewarding stimulus, it releases dopamine which turns on the brain areas that narrow our visual and auditory perception and allows a person to focus on a particular thing. For an ADHD brain this leads to the heightened state of focus because the more the brain is engrossed in the rewarding activity, the more dopamine it gets.



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  1. […] in our brains by regulating the activity of the default mode and task related networks as well as being part of brain’s reward system. But dopamine levels also correlate with the rate of blinking which in turn changes our perception […]

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